Advanced tickets only available online through Tickets can be purchased at screening one hour before showtime while supplies last.
The following screenings are located at:
Angelika Pop Up Union Market
550 Penn St NE
Washington DC 20002

10/12/2017 - 7:00pm - "Kandahar Journal w/ Creative Feds

Kandahar Journals is an independently produced, award winning and critically acclaimed documentary film which follows the story of a photojournalist who reflects on the events behind his psychological transformation after covering front line combat in Kandahar, Afghanistan from 2006 to 2010. 
directed by - Louie Palu & Devin Gallagher

Screening with: 

"Creative Feds" - Civil servants by day, artists by night and weekend. Go beyond the stereotype of the "faceless bureaucrat" by meeting two federal workers who are as dedicated to public service as they are to their music. - directed by Erica Ginsberg & Leon Gerskovic

Thursday October 12th 7pm - 9pm

10/13/2016 - 7:00pm - "Coffin 2 w/ Evocation of a Nightmare, Age of Warriors & Vindicta"

After years on the run, the mystery man known as "Trick" is back, but not on his own terms. Trick finds himself trapped in a cage with four other hostages - all of them paralyzed from the neck down. When Trick realizes that one of the other hostages is an old foe, Detective Epperson, the two begin working together to uncover the connection between them and their captor - a masked man they suspect is the infamous Deathstalker Killer. directed by - Kipp Tribble

Screening with: 
Evocation of a Nightmare: Entering what seems to be a deserted building, a man explores and finds an unwanted guest. directed by Wally Chung

Age of the Warrior: Two warriors battle each other using swords, fists and their own ki energy. directed by Tia Polite

Vindicta: A short story on the cycle of revenge. directed by Tracey Allyn

10/14/2017 - 3:00pm - RIFE Documentary Spotlight

A Matinee screening block featuring 3 spotlight documentaries presented by RIFE; including:

"Radio Rahim Renaissance Man"
RADIO RAHIM RENAISSANCE MAN profiles hip hop artist Radio Rahim and his journey as a socially conscious independent artist--or, as he describes himself, an "artivist"--in Washington DC. Through his music, Muslim faith, and activism, those intertwining--and sometimes conflicting--factors paint the portrait of a modern-day Renaissance man. - directed by Eugene Obah

"Do You Like Peacocks?"
In a non-descript studio by the railroad tracks in small-town Irondale, Alabama, a group of adults with autism and their dedicated instructors convene every day to make art. - directed by Mary Clay Fields

"Behind the Woods and Across the Sea"
Born Onufry Filipovich in the Russian Empire, Owen Phillips came to America alone, with nothing, at the age of 16. His story is the story of one man and millions of people. The 20 million immigrants who, like him, arrived in America a century ago fueled the astonishing economic growth that transformed the United States from an economic backwater into the world’s leading economy. - directed by Douglas Phillips


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10/14/2017 - 5:00pm - Best of #LOL Comedy Fest Plus

A collection of some of the best of #LOL Comedy film fest selections featuring new additions from the 2017 RIFE line up, including:

Taco Hell 
Dumbass Shakedown 
Friendship Without Love 
Dark Therapy 
Just Wingin' It 
No Reservations





10/14/2017 - 7:00pm - RIFE Short Selections 2017

A collection of short narrative films, including:

Who's With Me?

Momma's Boy

Solomon Dasko

Cut My Hair Barber

The Cracked Mask

Cease Fire

A Time Before

Final Notice


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