Financing Indie Film Dreams with ""

Independent filmmakers, known for their creative storytelling, often face financial barriers that keep their projects from reaching the screen. The collaboration between the indie film community and "Small Cash" offers a lifeline, providing microloans and flexible financing tailored to the unique needs of indie projects.

Overcoming Financial Hurdles

"Small Cash" helps indie filmmakers overcome budget constraints, enabling them to focus on their creative vision without the stress of financial limitations. This partnership not only supports individual projects but also bolsters the indie film industry as a whole.

The Impact

With "Small Cash", filmmakers have seen their visions come to life, proving that financial challenges can be overcome with the right support. This initiative encourages more storytellers to pursue their passions, contributing to a diverse and dynamic film landscape.

Call to Action

For indie filmmakers looking to break free from financial constraints, "Small Cash" could be your solution. Discover how this collaboration can turn your cinematic dream into a reality and enrich the indie film community.

Picture Lock is an entertainment website, podcast, and an hour long film review TV show that runs on Arlington Independent Media’s public access station in Arlington, VA. The show covers new releases, classic films, and interviews with local filmmakers in the DMV area.

“The mission of the DC APA Film Festival is to bring attention to the creative output from Asian Pacific American (APA) communities and encourage the artistic development of APA films in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan region.”

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We are a people-focused, service oriented team devoted to the excellence of our projects. The Skyrocket Production team has successfully produced award winning content that ranges from feature films to television commercials and music videos. Skyrocket champions the independent filmmaker and works hard to maintain status as a worthy conduit to bigger and better productions.

MelDonna Productions is an event planning and hosting company formed with a commitment to excellence in customer service and product delivery. No project is too small or too large. Our team of experts will provide our customers and event attendees a successful experience that will be remembered for years to come!

Who doesn’t love movies? Especially quality movies that resonate with your soul. Reel-365 offers a range of films that cater to the needs of any movie-goer. Reel-365 recognizes the importance of the under served movie population and does its part to contribute by offering a portal to creative and imaginative storytelling. It is our vision to be a refreshing oasis of entertainment for a community of movie-lovers and enthusiasts who have been looking for more from and about people of African descent.

Film Critiques and Interviews by Michael Parsons and Eddie Pasa. Official members of the Washington Area Film Critic's Association.

IndieCaptiol is an entertainment hub devoted to the independent film production scene in the Washington, DC/Metropolitan area. Complete with reviews, interviews, behind the scene updates and editorials, IndieCapitol covers the entire DMV indie film scene.